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Contemporary Italian Kitchens NYC | Italian Kitchen Designs NYC | Italian Kitchen Distributor NYC

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The littlest things can make the biggest differences, and we’ve taken that approach to heart when building our custom kitchens.

Innovation Inside Every Drawer

Our stylish and wide range of accessories help make your home more efficient, elegant, and enduring.

These state-of-the-art accessories are designed to make life simpler, easier, and more enjoyable with the style, beauty, and eco-friendly materials you deserve.

Open your mind to the many ways Pedini can help organize your space.

Advanced Ergonomics

All our accessories are designed and developed with functionality in mind. We want you to do more than just live in your home, we want you to live well. To make this happen, we put ourselves in your kitchen to understand the unique needs of your family.

We want every movement to be made easy, and we’re doing that everyday with our cutting-edge ergonomic accessories.

Fit your home to your lifestyle with Pedini designs that are built with you in mind.

Cutlery trays, dish rack units: Stainless steel, plastic, and wood modules crafted for easy access and effortless organization of drawer and pan drawer. Insert spice rack, cutting board, modular elements, rolling pin holder, knife rack for cutlery tray: Designed to fit seamlessly inside drawers and pan drawers of all sizes and types.

Trash cans: A complete range of high-capacity bins for separate collection of household waste and bulk. Designed to optimize space inside the pan drawer or to be placed in the cabinet under the sink.

Trash can pull out: Base unit with big, accessible bins in different widths for trash and recycling. Corner unit magic corner, LeMans corner unit for base and tall units: Creates extra space for corner storage.

Spice pull-out: Vertical pull-out spice rack expertly designed to organize and store bottles and spice jars in small spaces.

Bread base unit: Vertical pull-out rack to organize and store bread under the countertop.

Base unit for dishcloth: Slide-out bar to house, store, and organize dishcloth under the countertop. Tall unit with pull-out mechanism, tandem mechanism, and convoy mechanism: Creates more space for storing kitchen essentials in tall unit with stainless steel slide-out shelves.

Appliance garage: Unit sitting on the top to store small, everyday appliances.

Internal pull-outs in base and tall units: To optimize storage space inside the units.

Removable kitchen top: The stainless steel work-plan is installed as a simple top, but thanks to robust metal rails it becomes a large working area.

Set of front accessories: Wall equipped with kitchen utensils and coupled with a removable work-plane that creates a multipurpose workstation.

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Contemporary Italian Kitchens NYC | Italian Kitchen Designs NYC | Italian Kitchen Distributor NYC