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For over 60 years we have offered original, iconic designs that make everyday life more functional, stylish, and enjoyable. From our legendary curved kitchen to our fresh linear shapes, there is a look and feel for everyone at Pedini just ask our thousands of satisfied clients. Access every Pedini design, collection, and feature when you download our electronic catalog. Save to your computer now, inspire yourself later.

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The Artika Collection

A smooth, sensual experience, Artika kitchens offer ergonomic layouts that put your entire kitchen in reach. An aluminum horizontal "L" shape is crafted for ultimate efficiency while soft-closing doors make coming and going an effortless delight.

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The Arts & Crafts Collection

Designed by the celebrated architect Alfredo Zangiaro, the Pedini Arts & Crafts composition takes cues from Mother Nature and her organic sense of beauty. High-quality woods, metal accents, cement effect resins bring this collection to life in two distinct styles: Rustic Charm and Urban Chic.

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The Dune Collection

Our patented Pedini curved design shows its true beauty thanks to our Dune collection, a circular style that provides the best in cross-functionality. Walnut frames and glass mirrors on cabinets make this trademarked design bold yet graceful, as classic as it is contemporary.

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The Eko Collection

Sustainability takes center stage in our Eko collection, an eco-friendly model that uses distinct lines and contrasting textures to make a style statement. Perfect for families who need extra space, Eko offers internal and external storage solutions.

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The Integra Collection

Simple, stylish, and packed with functional solutions. Our Integra model is an open, accessible layout that creates fluid transition between spaces. Kitchen and living room are no longer set apart thanks to Integra, which invites work and play all in one cohesive space.

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The Magika Collection

A clean design that is made for the modern minimalist, Magika offers a refined silhouette that is ergonomically advanced. Additional storage and handle or handless cabinet options make this a flexible design that can be fitted to your tastes

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The Materika Collection

Modern lifestyles have multidimensional needs, and the Pedini Materika collections meets all with its modular layout, high operational performance, and durable cabinetry. A convenient 45-degree cut on terminal bases provides easy grip with a sleek profile.

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The System Collection

Open up new doors to organization thanks to System Collection's integrated kitchen, which houses a special pantry and pocket doors. Laminate wood, stone, and ceramic accent this kitchen's generous dimensions and technical features.

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The Vintage Collection

Feel the wonder, heritage, and beauty of Italian design with this nod to the old world. The Pedini Vintage collection unites traditional style with modern purpose to create tall, luxurious open units and a multipurpose countertop for food, fun, and work.

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Turn the page on style with our exclusive Pedini Catalog. You'll get unique access to our designs, collections, and one-of-a-kind features meant to inspire today and last forever.

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Kitchen Design NYC Brochure | Contemporary Kitchens NYC Catalog | Contemporary Kitchen Design NYC