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The Eco-Friendly Eko

An echo reflects sound back to its listener. Our Eko is a reflection of how we listen to you.

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The Eco-Friendly Eko

An echo reflects sound back to its listener. Our Eko is a reflection of how we listen to you.

We know how important sustainability is to our clients. That’s why this “eco-kitchen-friendly” design captures our commitment to environmental protection.

Smart Storage for Life’s Little Things

Fall in love with Eko’s philosophy, stay in love with its style.

A perky take on luxury European kitchen design, this Pedini NYC model has a simple layout with open-ended customization character.

It’s more than a pretty face, the Eko collection is built with purpose. Everyday storage solutions create useful spaces that wait to be explored.

Opportunities for Upgrades

Our creative team of Pedini designers and architects are trained to transform your space. While some companies build for today, we build for a lifetime, and that’s why our commitment to you and your kitchen ever ends.

Install the Eko in your home and enjoy eco-friendly materials that are tech-savvy today, tomorrow, and forever. Durable, customizable, and always fresh, the Eko is made to grow with you.


Harmony for Your Home

The perfect balance of playfulness and practicality is finally here, and it’s waiting for a new home.

Keep your kitchen fun and flexible thanks to our Eko collection.

Ready, Set, Storage

Its open end tall unit, jolly open wall unit, floating base, and glass wall unit optimize internal and external storage. Put your own stamp on upscale living and personalize this eco-conscious collection to your family’s needs.

This kitchen is designed to do more with less, making simple living your new reality.

The Clean Line Kitchen Design

Our Eko line is exclusively linear, with options of base units as floating bases or bases sitting on adjustable feet covered with a 150mm plinth.

The base unit height is 72cm with handles and 75cm with grooves. Wall units are available at 36cm, 60cm,72cm, 96cm, and 132cm and can also be designed without handles.

Grooves on the bottom sides of the carcass provide you with easy access and a polished profile. Opening options include flip-up or bi-fold doors, as well as hinged doors.

See how Eko stacks up in a real New York City kitchen!

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  • Made of melamine-coated panels, th. 18mm in white color
  • The front features ABS edge th. 0.4mm and a back made of MDF th. 2.5mm


Bi Laminated doors: Made of th. 18mm wooden fiber, coated with matte melamine. ABS 10/10mm thick on 4 edges joined with laser system.

Glossy direct lacquered door (white): Comprised of th. 18mm MDF balanced panels with front surface and visible edges available in direct glossy white color. Back surface is matte lacquered.

Matte lacquered door: Made of 18mm thick MDF balanced panels available 7 colors.

Glossy direct lacquered door: Built with 18mm thick MDF balanced panels. Front surface and visible edges available in direct glossy lacquered. Back surface is matte lacquered and available in 6 colors.

Thermostructure door: Made of th. 18mm wooden fiber covered with thermostructure material and interior satin finish. ABS th. 10/10mm on 4 edges.

Glass-fronted door frame: Composed of aluminum frame with tempered satin glass.


Painted bridge handle: 160mm

Closed bridge handle in satin nickel: 160mm

Small chrome handle: 64mm.

All handles feature satin aluminum groove.


  • Groove is aluminum, but by adding an upcharge can be aluminum lacquered in the same color of door
  • Curved groove is 5cm aluminum


  • BLUM hinges with integrated soft closing
  • All wall units are without handles as a shaped button is fitted
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