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After mastering the art of contemporaryItalian kitchen design, we wanted to fulfill a deeper commitment to our clients and outfit their homes with top-of-the-line furniture.

Expanding Our Design Reach

Today we’re doing just that by bringing the freshstyle that hasinspired our collections for over 50 years to everyday home furniture. And we’re doing it with the same attention to versatility, functionality, and green design you’ve come to expect from us.

Classic Pedini Values

Our distinctive furniture at Pedini is strong, sleek, and ergonomically advanced. We create forms that connect spaces and create flow between the kitchen and living room. These elegant designs bring comfort and unity to your home while helping to define its character. They are high-quality extensions of the beauty Pedini brings to your wall units, countertops, kitchen islands, and more.

A Turnkey Solution

We’re committed to your complete vision, which is why we’ve created this unique line of furniture for your home. Whether you choose the soft round waves of our iconic curved kitchen or a sleek linear silhouette, Pedini has the furniture you need to transform the rest of your space.

Your home should feel like a piece of fine art - thoughtful, cohesive, purposeful. Welcome the essence of Pedini, the joy of Italian tradition, and the wonder of creativity into your life with our exclusive furniture line.

Customize for Added Convenience

As with our European kitchens, Pedini’soriginal furniture meets the demands of changing lifestyles with completely customizable options.

Make the ultimate style statement right from your home with our exclusive Pedini furniture.

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Modern Furniture NYC | Pedini Furniture NYC | Modern Furniture Distributor NYC