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Italian Kitchens NYC

Pedini NYC is the freshest and trendiest luxury Italian kitchen designer in the world. We created the world’s first ergonomic curved kitchen, which was the most fashionable evolution of kitchen design in the 20th Century. Our mission is to make every meal memorable by designing and maintaining the trendiest luxury kitchen experiences.


pedininy kitchen that talks

The Kitchen that Talks

It is now possible to talk to your kitchen on a daily basis. Pedini, Microsoft and IoMote have collaborated to bring to you a 4.0 experience where the kitchen of the future is here, can talk, and understand when it is spoken to.

“Hi Pedini” – this is the name of the app, the technology and the voice command that activates the latest novelty by Pedini, a Marche brand that has been interpreting the country’s best furnishings tradition for over 60 years and that, in this project celebrating the Internet of Things in things design, has collaborated with IoMote, a start-up company with which it has already teamed up in the past, and with Microsoft, the world’s most important IT brand, in order to remain faithful to its own tradition in the area of technological research and to give a welcoming wink to the future.

Pedini Design Celebrates Artika and Dune with a Brand New Catalogue

Artika & Dune Design is the new catalogue that showcases two of our best loved pedini kitchens designed by Domenico Paolucci.

Curvy contours are a distinctive trait of the Dune and Artika Collections. These collections would not have been possible without the research that Pedini NY and Pedini Italy have poured over to create burner hobs and customized sinks that fit harmoniously with the specially designed contoured tops. The balance between tastefulness, stylishness and function is enhanced by refined aesthetic choices that are rich in sinuous flowing qualities.

Artika, on the other hand, has revisited its own lines in order to endow space with greater harmony and simplicity. It stands out thanks to rounded cabinet doors, ideal for those who prefer a flowing style. Ergonomic shapes find their expression in doors with characteristic curvy smoothness, and they can be combined in a number of ways. The stainless steel hobs match perfectly with the work tops.

Pedini collections put you in a privileged position of being able to skip passing fashions thanks to their always new expressiveness, the result, once more, of Italian manufacturing that is synonymous with style and great know-how.

Pedini Participates in Europa Street Food Festival

pedini cookeat at pesaro seafront promenade in june 2017

Earlier this summer, on June 16 through the 18th, 2017 in the Piazzale della Liberta in Pesaro’s seafront promenade in Italy, Pedini hosted Cookeat, a concept event at the Pesaro’s Europa Street Food Festival. Cookeat hosted shows with major Italian Chefs  –  Lucio Pompili (Symposium Lab), Stefano Ciotti (Nostrano ristorante), Daniele Patti (Lo Scudiero), Marco Vegliò (Il Galeone), Roberto Dormicchi (Triglia di bosco) – to narrate design applied to food excellence.

Partners: Gaggenau, Valdo, Laminam, Elica, Symposium Lab.

To learn more about the Cookeat concept event check out our video with Architect  Pier Lorenzo Tomassini and the Michelin Chef Lucio Pompili and Simone Gennari:

Pedini CookEat @ Eataly Roma Sub_eng from Studio Tomassini on Vimeo.


Pedini strengthens its role as representative of the Italian flag in the United States by welcoming 12 American architects. Great protagonists from the world of interior design and architecture have been taken on a guided visit to the showroom and the production area in order for them to experience the beating heart of the firm, the place where the excellence of design made in Italy comes to life.

USA Architects and Interior Designers Visit Pedini Showroom and Production Area

USA Architects and Interior Designers Visit Pedini Showroom and Production Area

USA Architects and Interior Designers Visit Pedini Showroom and Production Area

Check out this prototype from Pedini

This Prototype Kitchen from Pedini features a brushed metal finish. More info on this cutting edge kitchen coming soon.

German Style Kitchens in NYC

German Style Kitchens in NYC

Are you looking for an Italian-designed, German style kitchen in NYC? For over 50 years, Pedini has been a pioneer in the area of contemporary kitchen design. We have always remained committed to the incorporation of Italian style in our designs and with our System Collection kitchen model, we have now brought in prominent German style elements as well.

The System Collection design model offers an extensive selection of standard elements and finishes to fit a wide range of modern kitchen layouts and flexible kitchen design budgets. Pedini’s System Collection model is the perfect balance of Italian style and German precision. This Italian-designed, German style kitchen in NYC has an extremely high rate of flexibility because of its intended ergonomic design. With superior usage of space, first-rate organization and stunning design elements, the System Collection is the perfect fit for any kitchen.

Our Italian-designed, German style kitchens in NYC offers endless design options for optimal customization. From textured melamine with matching edges to hundreds of laminate colors, Pedini will provide you with the Italian kitchen of your dreams. We also offer eco wood with aluminum edges, painted class and the entire range of Pedini lacquer colors in matte, textured or high gloss.

For more information about our Italian-designed, German style kitchens in NYC or to schedule a free consultation, call Pedini at 212-334-0944 today!

Materika Modern Kitchen NYC


The Materika modern kitchen in NYC by Pedini is sweeping the city with its modern style and abundance of customization options. For over 50 years, Pedini has been a pioneer in the area of contemporary kitchen designs. Since the beginning, we have remained committed to the incorporation of Italian style in our designs. Our modern kitchen designs integrate state-of-the-art, eco-friendly materials that keep Pedini on the forefront of NYC contemporary kitchen designs. Additionally, all of Pedini’s kitchen designs and layouts are put through a meticulous researching process and developmental planning stage to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

The design of Pedini’s Materika modern kitchen in NYC incorporates a wide variety of materials with great attention to detail and the expertise of our skilled artisans. It is this combination that helps set the Materika modern kitchen design apart from the rest. Customers have the option to choose among glossy or matte lacquered doors, knotty or thermic treated veneered doors, steel or glass doors and Ecomalta doors.

At Pedini we are committed to creating the kitchen of your dreams. Our company’s in-house professional architects and designers will collaborate with you to help create your ideal kitchen design and layout.  The options are limitless with our Materika modern kitchen in NYC. The Materika model allows our clients to choose from the highest quality of materials to create an efficient and elegant kitchen area.

For more information about Pedini’s design of the Materika  modern kitchen in NYC or to set up a free consultation, call 212-334-0944 today!

Arts & Crafts Modern Kitchen Design in NYC


Arts & Crafts modern kitchen design in NYC is Pedini’s new kitchen model for 2014. As a New York-based company, Pedini creates modern kitchen designs with a taste of Italian style. Our designs are carefully researched and thought out to fit the needs of our customers and the Italian-inspired style we work hard to convey. The designs we create aim for a modern kitchen style, even when creating a warm, vintage European atmosphere. Our NYC kitchen professionals value both aesthetics and longevity to keep your modern kitchen lasting for a lifetime of meals.

At Pedini, we have been creating luxurious, modern kitchens since 1957, and your dream kitchen can be next. Our new Arts & Crafts modern kitchen design in NYC may be the perfect fit for your home. Incorporating a vintage innovation style, this design encompasses the past to bring a brand new design to the modern era. This kitchen model can add more functionality to any home environment.

Our Arts & Crafts modern kitchen design in NYC can be broken down into two elements: rustic charm and urban chic. The project itself utilizes natural essences within the design, such as iron looks, solid woods and cement effect resins. Rustic charm is seen and achieved through the weathering of steal materials as well as the utilization of Canaletto walnut wood, which can be applied to tall cabinet units, floating wall units, paneling for cabinets, general shelving and breakfast bars. The urban chic elements can be noticed through the usage of pewter finish on metals for tall cabinet units, wall units, floor paneling and squared top tables, as well as with bleached ash wood on the doors.

Incorporating rustic charm and urban chic, the new Arts & Crafts model contains connective elements that can be seamlessly integrated into your home environment. For more information about the new Arts & Crafts modern kitchen design in NYC, contact Pedini at 212-334-0944 today.

Pedini Designs Multi Unit Kitchens in NYC


If you are a property manager that is designing or remodeling an apartment complex or condominium, you need to make sure that the kitchens looks spectacular. If you are in need of multi-unit modern kitchens in NYC, Pedini New York, top quality designers can assist you.

There are many reasons why we are the leaders of modern Italian multi-unit kitchens in NYC for over 50 years. In 2010, we doubled our production capacity, which allows us to handle large projects with a fast turnaround time. We strive to constantly be innovative while maintaining ergonomic sensibilities. We are also environmentally conscious by not only recycling materials but also making use of them.

At Pedini, we provide our customers with high quality modern kitchen designs. We stay ahead of the curve and use innovative designs with much curvature. We have a store downtown in Tribeca which contains a 4000 sq ft showroom floor. Stop in to browse through our products or talk to our designers. Our showroom is the East Coast’s only Tonino Lamborghini display. This is an ostrich leather kitchen. We also specialize in selling and designing designer bathrooms and furniture.

We are different from other design companies because of several unique factors. We work closely with all our clients from beginning to end to make the best possible outcome. We combine different ranges to always ensure that our clients get a completely unique and original design. If a client desires a unit that is outside of standard modular elements, we can offer them a made to fit service. We can also match any color or lacquering that is desired. All we ask is that you bring in a sample and we can replicate it.

For more information on any of our services including multi-unit modern kitchens in NYC, call us at 212-334-0944.

European Kitchens in NYC

European Kitchens in NYC

Are you looking to enhance your home with European kitchens in NYC? For over 50 years, Pedini has been committed to incorporating Italian style in every one of our European kitchens in NYC. Our kitchen designers strive to create unique and contemporary European kitchens that stay ahead of current trends. At Pedini, our goal is to provide our customers with beautiful European kitchens in NYC that are both beautiful and functional.

At Pedini, our European kitchens in NYC come in a variety of styles including Arts & Crafts, Dune, System Collection, Integra, Artika, Vintage, Eko and Materika. Each style varies in design, worktops, backsplash, color, curves, doors and finishes. No matter what style of European kitchen in NYC you choose, you are guaranteed to have a kitchen that stands out.

Since 1957, our kitchen designers have been researching, developing and planning new ideas for European kitchens in NYC. All of our European kitchens in NYC provide eco-friendly solutions with integrated appliances. At Pedini, we will transform your old kitchen into a beautiful European kitchen in NYC that surpasses the kitchen of your dreams.

For more information on our European kitchens in NYC, call Pedini today at 212-334-0944. Ask about our free European kitchen consultation today!

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