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Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most defining features of your kitchen and should, like your furniture, be considered with the rest of your space. Everyday you’re opening and closing doors, adding and removing groceries, packing and unpacking storage drawers.

We know how demanding life can get, that’s why Pedini products are built to stand up to the test of time.

Creating your ideal kitchen means finding the cabinet units, accessories, and finishes that meet your lifestyle. Our cabinets offer a versatile range of technologically-driven features that bring ergonomics and balance to your every move.

Our drawers are the perfect size for small items and silverware while our deep drawers and baskets are the ideal places to load your dishes, pots, and pans.

Want to keep your shiny new countertops clutter-free? So do we. House those tools you only use once in a while coffee pot, blender, toaster behind our sleek and stylish appliance garage. Together we’ll figure out the most functional ways to make the most of your kitchen.

Working with our team means you get hands-on guidance, service, and support throughout all aspects of development.

See our cabinetry work in action at some of our favorite finishes sites.


Pull-out baskets under the sink: These cabinets have deep drawers equipped with removable and washable plastic trays to hold sponges and various detergents.

Removable baskets: Accessing the inside of furniture, especially lower sections, can become extremely inconvenient. To correct this, we provide removable baskets that create ergonomic solutions that make everything more convenient.

Base units equipped with drawers and deep drawers: In today’s kitchens, it is important to have everything at your finger tips. Pedini offers a wide range of high quality accessory inserts for drawers. These options maximize the space available so that each and every utensil has its own place.

Inner cabinet lighting: Opening a drawer automatically turns on the lamp inside, which is along the upper structure of the cabinet. Perfect illumination for your cabinet interiors ensures excellent visibility.

Topics to make cooking easier: All our solutions optimize order to keep your space clean and tidy. Cabinet drawers can be equipped with accessories that divide your space into different components, creating dedicated places for everything you need. Our designs include fully extractible sliding rails, stainless steel drawer sides, and incorporated “block” mechanisms (CEE directive).

Separate trash collection: For those who wish to create a separate area for trash collection, Pedini offers multiple solutions and sizes (width 60/90/120, for all household demands). Everything assembles like a puzzle: dustbins for recycling services offer significant use of space in incredibly practical ways. This kind of optimization is a perfect example of the attention we give every environment and its search for high quality functionality.

All drawers can come equipped with a non-toxic anti-sliding rubber mat. This insert facilitates cleaning and resists long-term abrasions on the bottom of drawers, which can occur from continuous movement of the contents.

Curved corner: The entire space is used in full, equipped with pullout drawers. This is a real pantry for real people.

Convex terminal: A stylish, appealing, and functional solution. The rounded-off terminal boasts a soft look without reducing your internal storage capacity.

Curved wall units: The wall units follow the shape of the curved base units, increasing the depth and internal storage space.

Equipped corner: Ergonomics find new potential with these fresh solutions. When opening the door, the basket moves to the side of the cabinet, creating easy access to the compartment. Similarly, the shelves fixed to the door alternate with the internal ones, offering exceptional range of movement and storage.

Shutters: Designed to hold small appliances, the aluminum shutters have an end stop that guarantees a soft closing. An electrical socket can be placed on the back.

Pocket doors: Thanks to an innovative and effective system, the doors open, fold back on themselves, and hide laterally, creating clear sightlines.


Sliding door pantry: The pantry is designed to be an architectural standout in your kitchen. The sliding system is equipped with two doors that glide horizontally on a perfect system of guides. Versatile and practical, this design minimizes the space occupied by the sliding doors and opens easily with the push of a hand. One touch and the whole interior immediately becomes visible.

Tandem tall unit: Technically advanced, you gain easy access to cabinet contents through these practical shelves. Each opens with automatic scrolling, bringing everything inside out to you.

Pull-out storage pantry: Here space and access to contents is increased. The sliding system is silent, tested, and requires minimal effort.

Corner tall unit: This element of your kitchen is equipped with shelves and pull-out baskets for remarkable storage capacity.

Pull-out baskets: Completely retractable stainless steel roll-outs, these baskets extend forward for added convenience and accessibility.

Convoy tall unit: This unique unit uses a clever mechanism to ensure that functionality comes first. An essential kitchen element to meet the demands of your modern lifestyle.

The Quality

Door edge: A worthwhile investment, dust seals are great additions because they soften and muffle the sound of drawers opening and closing. Dust seals guide doors as they shut and produce a flawless seal on all door and drawer openings.

Clip-on drawer fronts: Drawer fronts are easily removable with the help of a small screwdriver. This handy feature allows you to clean your kitchen completely without having to call for professional help.

Drawers and glides: Drawers and deep drawers have steel sides (except for models Eko and Magika, which are black painted steel), automatic soft closings, end stops, and silent sliding. The drawer removal design is made for total access and can bear a maximum load of 50kg. Each is equipped with a system that allows for balanced door extraction in case contents are not evenly distributed.

Plinths and legs: The plinths resist water and floor detergents, are non-deformable, and can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. Aluminum works, but so does our plastic material. The height of these pins can be adjusted to create the ideal cabinet level and support heavy weights.

Under-cabinet light: Pedini wall units are the ideal places to install light sources that warm the space and support everyday activity. We use fluorescent and LED lights recessed in the bottom of each cabinet to create optimal lighting solutions. These lights do not tire the eyes, use less energy, and brighten up work surfaces.

Lights with sensor: Each LED lamp is equipped with a sensor that automatically reacts to the presence of people, lighting the lamp and illuminating your space.

Light shelf: Our beautiful light shelf offers two major benefits: useful containment and safe visibility. Equipped with a fluorescent lamp that shines without hurting your eyes, the light shelf compensates for the shadow cone created by central lighting, ensuring perfect visibility all the time.

Illuminated pan drawers: To assist with visual clarity, deep drawers can be equipped with motion-sensitive lighting solutions.

Suspended base units with tested support: The suspended base units, like the wall units, are equipped with a tested hooking device to prevent forward tipping and guarantee stability with heavy loads.

Attachments and wall unit support bars: The unit wall anchoring must sustain all types of added weight. To guarantee this, Pedini uses attachments and bars tested by LGA for up to 65kg.

Shelves with damage-proof edges: Shelves within the units are simply applied to the top of the internal brackets and come furnished with a locking system for total safety.

Inside of the dish rack: Outfitted with stainless steel grills, this feature is corrosion-resistant to keep your space completely hygienic.

Inside of the sink base: Living with water and moisture can lead to long-term damage. To avoid stagnation, infiltration, and the risk of deterioration, all internal surfaces are coated with a sheet of high thickness aluminum that has no holes.

Refrigerator airing: Heat produced by your fridge’s motor compressor finds an exit via the special air intakes we include on each unit. If there are shelves set above the refrigerator, the air intakes which are standard and free in all Pedini kitchens safeguard your appliances for years to come.

See how cabinets can change the face of your kitchen with a closer look at our Pedini collections.

Quick Notes on Kitchen Cabinets

If you have

Then you’ll want

Small items for storage Drawers
Large items for storage Deep drawers and baskets
Miscellaneous appliances Appliance garage
A lot to store Curved wall units (big pantry)
Clear sightlines in your space Pocket doors pantry
Versatile storage needs Sliding door pantry
Trouble seeing in low light Internal lighting
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