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Kitchen Colors

Color has the power to change mood, convey emotion, and spark memory. And with Pedini, you have the power to choose the color that best suits you.

Your home is defined as much by what’s in it as what’s on it. This means that color plays a very important role in transforming your kitchen into the space that you want. We don’t have to tell you the difference between a small red nook and a large white room - you can feel it. And when you walk into your kitchen we want you to feel right at home.

Picking a color for your kitchen means thinking about how you use the room, how you want to feel in it, and how you want it to evolve over the years. At Pedini, we design for the present and for the future. Selecting a color that you can love now and grow into later is key to ensuring that your ideal kitchen remains just that.

When choosing a color story for your kitchen, consider a few essential elements related to the design, layout, and structure of the space.

Size Matters

Unless you’re building an entirely new house, the size of your kitchen is dictated by the structure of your home.

Large Kitchens

In big kitchens, feel free to use darker colors, as richer, deeper tones can make your kitchen feel more intimate and personal.

Compact Kitchens

On the other hand, light colors complement a smaller kitchen nicely, creating the illusion of a bigger, more open space.

At Pedini NYC, we understand how to work with the compact kitchens more commonly found in New York City. From a studio with a kitchen overlooking your living space to a narrow galley kitchen and every Big Apple set-up in between.

For spaces big and small, we know how to help you choose a color that that will help complement every inch of your home.

Lighting Affects How Color is Viewed

Galley Kitchen

In a galley kitchen without windows, stay away from dark tones. These colors can make your space feel gloomy and oppressive. However, if you have a lot of natural light, a darker finish can work for your space.

Rooms with Natural Sunlight

That said, kitchens with a lot of natural sun can feel even brighter with a light paint color. Lighter colored kitchens also blend better with living spaces.

Speaking of the sun, remember that your cabinets will fade a bit over time. But no need to worry - this is natural and we account for it in all our designs.

Consider the Materials and Finishes of Your Kitchen

In each of our collections, the colors we offer depend on the materials available. Whether it’s a lacquer, veneer, or matte finish, we offer a wide range to meet your design taste and preferences.

When thinking about how to build your kitchen it’s important to think about how you will use your kitchen.

Do you have a large family? Do you cook a lot? Do you like to entertain?

These details matter when choosing the design and color of your space.

Esotika has the widest range of the most up-to-date high-end veneers. These finishes are so beautiful they will be considered another piece of furniture that creates a relaxing and refined environment for your guests.

Remember Your Home’s Overall Look and Style

Is your design style traditional? Modern? Contemporary? Whatever you identity with, we have the color and style for you.

For many people, traditional can mean country, although it doesn't have to. Think light, creamy colors, shaker doors, and big open spaces to entertain in. Our Vintage collection is a classic example of Pedini’s modern take on tradition.

Our rustic look blends well in loft space apartments, giving you the effortlessly chic city vibe you're looking for.

The beauty of contemporary kitchen design is that you can create balance by choosing the exact color that works with the rest of your home.

Work with the Existing Structure of Your Kitchen

Whether you have an open or closed kitchen, the structure of your space plays a big role in the colors you choose.


An open kitchen with shelves allows you to play a little more with colors. Here you can incorporate a third tone for your kitchen and build your color selections in new and inventive ways.


To keep your space streamlined, closed kitchens work better with just one or two colors.

Choose Colors and Textures That Complement Your Kitchen’s Layout

Because New York City homes are smaller than most, kitchens in this urban environment also function as living spaces. You’ll want to make sure every color you choose blends and matches.

Think about the layout of your apartment: how many walls do you want to use for the kitchen? Where would you like to create the kitchen? Do you want an island?

The structure, set-up, and style of your kitchen will be based on these decisions. From there, we can explore colors that complement the layout of your space.

And when it comes to the texture of your cabinets, we recommend a little indulgence. After all, you’ll be engaging with this part of your kitchen and touching this material every day.

Be Bold

We usually recommend at least two colors or finishes - but no more than two. Strong pairings include dark textures with glossy and matte light colors so there is a pop of visual contrast.

Your Kitchen Should Be as Special as You

No matter what colors you choose, this is your luxury kitchen, and at Pedini our goal is your happiness. The color of your kitchen should be a reflection of your tastes, preferences, and delight in Italian luxury design. Color is how we’ll take your love for your home to the next level.

Helpful Tips When Choosing a Color

If you have

Then you’ll want

Small room Light color
Large room Darker color
Galley kitchen Light color
A lot of natural sun Darker color
Open kitchen Two or three colors
Closed kitchen One or two colors
Loft space Pedini Rustic collection
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