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Kitchen Technology


Having storage in your wall unit is important – so is having a clean, functional way to access all that space.

At Pedini, we offer various opening options designed for maximum convenience and freedom of movement.

Discover our kitchen designs with new eyes and find out how openings can change the look, feel, and functionality of your space..


We work with a variety of door openings to help you achieve high operational activity in your space. Fold-up and 90-degree bi-folding doors on upper units are best in rooms with high ceilings while sliding doors on tall units work great for homes without a lot of headroom. With these designs, wall units become storage units that give you immediate and full access, helping you avoid the continuous opening and closing routine that occurs with traditional units.

Want to activate your minimalist flair? Opt for a push-pull opening.

Whatever your choice, Pedini NYC has your wall units covered with the most technologically advanced and fashion forward options.

Fold-Up Door

This door style takes up reduced space when open and makes large spaces more accessible. Opening is assisted by adjustable hydraulic pistons. Pedini recommends this helpful option for those who are small in stature.

Flip-Up Door

The flip-up opening system can de opened with one single movement. This innovative addition keeps the door in an open position, giving you clear interior access that is easy to navigate.

Shutter Opening

It is our most traditional, economic, and simple upper unit opening style and it comes standard with most units. If you want a door that opens big and wide, Pedini offers 170° hinges, standard options in Pedini draining units.

Complanare/Sliding Opening (for tall units only)

A horizontal sliding door provides total visibility and freedom of movement. This is ergonomic perfection, especially recommended for narrow spaces thanks to its small footprint.

Pocket Door Opening (for tall units only)

Thanks to an efficient directional system that supports the opening, doors open, fold back on themselves, and are hidden in a lateral space.


Pressure Opening

Every Pedini design is crafted to enhance freedom of movement in and around the kitchen – this feature included. Our creative pressure opening reveals a new dimension for opening and closing of doors. Smooth, easy, almost effortless.

1.Servo-drive pressure opening

Automatic drawer openings are smoother than ever – just press lightly on a door front with servo-drive pressure opening and access is granted. No more juggling to get to everything you need. Open and deep drawers transform your kitchen into a hands-free zone that caters to you with ease and ergonomics.

There are unique benefits to outfitting your kitchen with servo-drive pressure openings. Easily open the cabinets with a light touch, and close with the gentle press of a switch (for upper units only). Integrated BLUMOTION technology creates this silent and graceful closing action. They also feature integrated collision protection and perfect manual performance, event during power cuts. Our servo-drive pressure openings are sleek, modern, and fit with every style.

2.Push-pull pressure opening

The touch of a finger opens up a world of technology to you and your family thanks to our push-pull innovation. Get the grip you need while keeping the kitchen profile you want. A groove that follows the lines of your space puts stylish practicality into new perspective. Drawers, baskets, and all kinds of openings for uppers make this choice a classy and contemporary one.

When you bring our push-pull pressure opening technology to your kitchen you get a continuous, contemporary look that makes a statement. Used with all kinds of door openings, including bases, uppers, and tall units, the push-pull mechanism provides easy opening and closing of 2in. to 3in. on hinged doors, depending on the door weight.

3.Door with handle

Easy to clean and maintain, Pedini doors with handles are fresh updates on classic cabinetry. Traditional and contemporary looks are available to fit your aesthetic preferences. Our doors with handles can also be used on all door openings, such as bases, uppers, and tall units.

Fast Facts on Kitchen Technology

If you have

Then you’ll want

High ceilings Fold-up or bi-folding doors
Low ceilings Folding upper unit/ Hinged door
A clean style profile Handleless, push-pull openings
A busy kitchen Servo-drive pressure openings
Limited external space Pocket doors
A small space Base unit
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