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Design to Last a Lifetime

Multidirectional, multidimensional, and completely practical, Materika is made for your modern mindset.Add red "read more" that anchors to text at bottom

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Design to Last a Lifetime

Multidirectional, multidimensional, and completely practical, Materika is made for your modern mindset.

It speaks for its time but knows no age. The Materika kitchen is a technological leader and timeless beauty.

Flexible Layouts for Every Family

Distinguished by their unique modular outlines, all Materika kitchens are built by gifted professionals with a proven history of perfecting our custom options. This attention to detail and quality craftsmanship makes Materika one of the most creative and cutting-edge designs in Pedini's portfolio.

Materika's flexibility responds flawlessly to the demands of everyday cooking. It also provides a superior environment for innovative technical solutions.


Precision Performance

The Materika collection has been handled with extreme care so it creates a kitchen that is as practical as it is original.

An extraordinary design sensibility, handled with precision and accurate, harmonic, and original choices. It gets the absolute achievement of practical kitchen. The design conveys multiple experiences where proportions co-exist with modality of different solutions, where spaces interact with the forms, the technique with emotion, the practicality with aesthetics.

Materika's design is as beautiful as it is thoughtful. Visual impact comes from the kitchen's unforgettable elegance, smooth appearance, and soft touch. It is then matched by Materika's technological achievements in performance and durability.

Creative Cabinets and Durable Doors

Cabinets and doors come in clean, simple lines with the choice of a special 30-degree miter angle for the upper cut veneer post forming of doors, drawers, and baskets. The helpful 45-degree cut on the vertical side of the terminal bases provide easier grip in a sleek silhouette.

A Kitchen that Keeps You Safe

We are interested in more than just design, and that's why at Pedini NYC we share a bold responsibility to our most important space - the Earth. Your Materika kitchen is eco-friendly, created in flame-resistant, breathable, durable, flexible, recyclable, harm-free materials that are safe for people and planet.

Materika's unique features make life simpler and safer. See how far technology can take you!

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  • Made of 18mm thick waterproof particle board with low formaldehyde content
  • Gauged wooden particles coated in dark grey color cellulose-backed scratchproof material
  • Details are edged with 0.4mm thick melamine edges bonded with polyurethane glues
  • Front side is edged with dust-seal and sound-proof thermoplastic gasket
  • Backs are made of 4mm thick melamine-coated wooden fiber


  • Made of MDF panels 22mm thick
  • Available in glossy, matte, and embossed lacquer in every color of the Pedini range

Lacquered Glass Door

  • Made of anthracite MDF panels 19mm thick coupled with 2mm-thick lacquered glass
  • Available in glossy and matte finishes
  • Glossy lacquered doors undergo special brushing to create the effect of glass on each side of the door
  • The application is completed with 6 layers of paint, making the door highly resistant to oils, steam, and humidity

Knotty Oak Door

  • Made up of MDF panels 22mm thick covered with natural knotty oak
  • Top side door is shaped at a special angle to allow for easy opening and closing

Heat-Treated Oak Door

  • Made up of MDF panels 22mm thick covered with heat-treated oak
  • Top side door is shaped to allow easy opening and closing. Treated with acrylic varnishes

Ecomalta Door

  • Made of multiple layers of poplar 22mm thick and covered with ecomalta
  • This material is environmental friendly and contains no resins.

Stainless Steel Door

  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Inner panel is also in stainless steel

Thermostructured Finish

  • Panel in wooden fiber 22mm thick
  • Thermo-constructed covering abs edges 1.5mm on four sides


The groove is aluminum lacquered in the same color as the doors, or in oak veneer or ecomalta to match the color of the doors.

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Materika Modern Kitchens NYC | Materika Modern Kitchen design NYC