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Premier quality, stunning design, and cutting-edge technology make Pedini a leading brand and a natural partner for Caesarstone. Pedini beautifully exhibits Caesarstone surfaces in many of their remarkable showroom displays. We at Caesarstone are proud of our long-standing partnership with Pedini and look forward to our continued alliance and shared commitment to beauty and innovation.



Challenging tradition, breaking the mold when and where it makes sense in order to pave the way for new, innovative ideas – Gaggenau has been the pioneering brand for home appliances for more than 330 years and the leading innovator in technology and design “made in Germany”.

In its commitment to the tradition of manufacture and with haute cuisine as its model, Gaggenau transposes professional kitchen technology and trends into the home, continually setting new standards. This notion of the avant-garde is discernible in all our appliances through the four main design principles that we apply to all our models: authentic, sculptural, expressive and generous.

Commitment and tradition. The difference is Gaggenau.



Pedini New York is also an authorized dealer of the Italian furniture company Pianca.

They are a company who also takes pride in creating clean line contemporary products.


A native of Vincenza, Italy, Alfredo Zengiaro served as research and development chief manager for Arclinea, the esteemed Italian furniture brand, from 1984 to 1988. Since then he has achieved top honors with his own studio in architecture, building, interior decoration, and industrial design. His work has also included planning of exhibition spaces for multinational brands and graphic design for top catalogues. Alfredo is an active writer who has been published in a variety of sectorial magazines on topics ranging from furniture development, hospital design, and facilities for the handicapped and elderly. He is married and father to a 22-year old daughter.

designer Alfredo Zengiaro
Bio: Alfredo Zengiaro Alfredo Zengiaro

Francesco Tomassini was born in Italy and graduated from the University of Firenze with a degree in architecture before earning his master’s in bio-architecture in Rimini. Since 2002 he has served as first architect and owner of Stuido Tomassini, which is located in a country villa in Saltara (PU) and is entrusted with architectural design, urban planning, interior design, and implementation of exhibition projects for hotels and nautical buildings. A design studio founded in 1965 by Pier Lorenzo Tomassini, Studio Tomassini has excelled for years in the urban sector with residential and industrial development as well as multi-family housing projects. Standout projects as well as the new building and showroom for Pedini Cucine have included the shipyards for Mochi Craft Yachts and Dominato Yachts, the headquarters of Sicap Prefab, the Uno Piu movie theather, the Settimo Cielo disco, some important villas and also collaborations with firms operating in the retail field. Francesco and Studio Tomassini are committed to innovative features and the well-being of the environment, bringing aesthetic value and expressive body design to every composition.

Francesco Tomassini
Bio: Francesco Tomassini Francesco Tomassini

Domenico Paolucci was born in Urbino, Italy and has worked with Pedini as an architect and designer since 1989. He has been integral in a number of Pedini designs, including Estrella, Artika, Daisy, Norda, and Memory. Prior to his work with Pedini, Paolucci held roles in design and industrialization with furniture companies. He is a graduate of the Art Institute in Urbino.

Bio: Domenico Paolucci Domenico Paolucci
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Contemporary Italian Kitchens NYC | Italian Kitchen Designs NYC | Italian Kitchen Distributor NYC