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Pedini Green

Pedini is more than an innovator of modern kitchen design; we are guardians of the environment, leaders in sustainability and conservation.

A Natural Responsibility

Our commitment to eco-friendly craftsmanship has been with us since the beginning. Not because it’s hip or trendy, but because it’s the right thing to do. At Pedini, sustainable design is our way of life. And we know how much you, our customers, value classic Italian style that leaves a lasting and positive impact.

Certified Quality for Your Green Kitchen Ecological Panel LogoGreen

We do more than talk about our commitment to the environment, we prove it through the choices we make when building a kitchen you can love forever.

Our incredible team of architects, designers, and installers source the most advanced materials to make sure we’re doing right by Mother Nature. Our contemporary kitchen models are environmentally sound and made from recycled materials like aluminum, glass, and steel.

Certified ecological, Pedini uses eco-minded materials to create our iconic and trendsetting collections.

Go for the best when you decide to go green – go with Pedini and bring luxury and sustainability to your high-tech kitchen.

Pedini Recycles

We stay by your side throughout the entire life cycle of your project, from conception to development to execution and beyond. Our work doesn’t stop once installation is complete. In fact, that’s when some of our best ideas begin.

Making the Most with Recycled Materials

Conservation is key to protecting our natural world. At Pedini NYC we are doing our part by leaving nothing behind.

Waste created during your kitchen renovation is carefully sorted and separated before being brought to a local garbage collection center. The trash is then transferred to a specialized production center where it is transformed into new materials. Junk and debris become aluminum ingots, cardboard, or panels of recycled wood, all ready to be used in the production cycle once again.

Positive recycling practices are good for our environment and for your design dreams. In America’s biggest city, New York, furniture is certified green if no trees are used in its development and every part is constructed from 100% recycled materials. Each time we recycle we’re helping to create new products, which means more options for technology, color, and texture.

Learn how our iconic Pedini kitchen collections are keeping families safe and environments happy.

IDROLEB IdroLeb LogoGreen

The Ecological Panel IDROLEB

The marine grade Ecological Panel that Pedini uses is made of 100% post-consumption recycled wood and has the absolute lowest formaldehyde gas emissions.

Ecological Panel Ecological Panel LogoGreen

All our kitchens are made with Ecological Panels, which, according to a certified process, respect the environment through an innovative use of materials. Ecological Panels guarantee you sophisticated style without harm to even one tree.

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UNI EN 9001
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Certified IT AEOC 10 0341
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*In Europe, the present gas emissions limit is up to 0.1 ppm (parts per million). A panel , that qualifies under these restrictions is called E1. In Japan, the emissions classification for panels are sorted from F* to F****.

Emissions from the marine grade Ecological Panel Pedini uses puts it well under the strictest Japanese value F****, and five times lower than the European E1.

In California, the most proactive US state in bringing ecological awareness to consumers, the law establishes new limits on emissions for all wood products. The law states that in the first phase (2009), levels of emission must not exceed 0.12 ppm and in the second phase (2011), 0.09 ppm.

The emission value of the marine grade Ecological Panel we use is already 0.04 ppm – today, tomorrow, and at every phase.

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Eco-Friendly Kitchens NYC | Italian Eco-Friendly Kitchens NYC | European Eco-Friendly Kitchens NYC