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Life is incomplete without the perfect kitchen, which is why we only strive for the best. From family dinners to late-night homework to conversation over a cup of coffee, the kitchen is the center of the home.

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At Pedini NYC, our clients measure our success. From multi-unit projects to intimate redesigns, we are committed to realizing every vision throughout every stage.

We have over 50 years of experience making dream kitchens reality. And while there are many factors that have positioned Pedini at the forefront of modern Italian kitchen design ergonomics, sustainability, customization it is our commitment to our clients that makes us an industry leader.

Our unique team of Italian and American designers and architects work closely with our manufacturers, installers, and clients to ensure that every detail is built to perfection. We also work with key industry partners to bring the highest quality materials, latest technology, and most innovative designs to every collection we create.

Pedini System Collection

Finished in matte lacquer glass white featuring flip-up upper unit, base unit to the groove, island with water falling counter top and back panel, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Includes under cabinet spotlight and upper unit flip-up bottom groove.

Pedini Integra

Veneer glossy lacquer glass base unit with a groove. Tall unit for washer and dryer, dishwasher, and fridge,all held behindour custom panels. LeMans corner unit includes pull-out sink unit and trash pull-out with side-by-side bins. Tall pantry pull-out is complete with sixKesseböhmermechanism baskets. Upper unit includes servo drive mechanism and under-counter microwave drawer is displayed on the island. Two stainless steel cattery dividers help streamline storage and a top groove all around the island makes for a polished line. A removable panel can be found in the island for inspection and there is oak paneling on its wall.

Pedini System Collection

Finished in laminate white with aluminum edge. Handles are from the System Collection and all interiors are white. Built with two rows of custom upper doors and internal pull-out in the base unit. Aluminum shutter is provided for small appliances sitting on the waterfall top of the island. Refrigerator and dishwasher have custom panel and aluminum plinth. Custom cabinet was created for the oven and cooktop. Bottle base unit used.

Pedini System Collection

Finished in laminate white with aluminum edges and handle outlines int. 192 mm. Aluminum shutter is in place for small appliances. Dishwasher and refrigerator built with custom Pedini panel. Tall pantry features internal drawers. Includes flip-up cabinet with under-cabinet spotlights, pull-out trash can, two cutlery dividers, and a spice rack.

Pedini Magika

Grounded with thermostructure bi-folding upper unit on the side of the island, which is half countertop waterfall and half custom Pedini panel. Storage is lit with halogen cabinet spotlights and tall unit handles were made to match the oven handles. Stainless steel drawer cattery dividersand trash and spice pull-out with Kesseböhmer mechanism included. Back panel islandboasts same finish as drawers. Toekick is just four inches,allowing for a larger carcass and more storage space. Both the refrigerator and dishwasher are draped with custom panels designed by Pedini

Bathroom - Pedini Dune

Stained walnut suspended unit with internal pull-out painted in black carcass grey. Side finish made to match the door finish. Doors designed with aluminum groove. Sink unit features scratch-proof aluminum bottom for under storage durability.

Pedini System Collection

Custom-made kitchen in matte glass.Refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher all built with custom panelsexclusively from Pedini. Concealed hood also designed by Pedini. Accessible sink unit comes on wheels and aluminum appliance garage holds three adjustable shelves. Servo drive mechanism was employed for the upper unit above the dual oven. Touch-latch openings for the units above the tall units and pull-out tall unit include six pull-out Kesseböhmermechanism baskets. Fluorescent spotlight base unit with groove and waterfall countertop for the island complete the design. Doors and side panels built with aluminum frames.


Life is incomplete without the perfect kitchen, which is why we only strive for the best. From family dinners to late-night homework to conversation over a cup of coffee, the kitchen is the center of the home.

With our Principles of Excellence guiding us, we draw on our rich knowledge of trends, technology, and environmentally-friendly design to create lasting spaces that invite productivity, togetherness, and ease.

Unlike most kitchen designers, Pedini is dedicated to more than just pretty finishes and clean lines. We combine our keen style aesthetic with our attention to durability and state-of-the-art functionality to provide every client with a beautiful Italian kitchen that is made for their 21st century lifestyle.

And thanks to our New York City-based designers, we provide hands-on support from conception to completion. Where other studios fit you for a kitchen, we fit the kitchen to you, creating custom models that match your unique lifestyle. Our team listens to your needs, connects with your space, and builds a home you can cherish forever.

Pedini System Collection and Integra

Designed in a painted glass finish. Plinth and groove are coated in high glossy lacquer to match the doors. Dishwasher and fridge feature custom paneling from Pedini. Upper units include hinged and flip-up doors. Internal stainless steel drawers also included, as is a glass countertop. Panel lighting can be found under the top rows of uppers and a waterfall countertop lays seamlessly over the island.

Vanities are Integra with groove and finished in wood and glass. Grey carcass comes with custom suspended cabinets and medicine cabinet comes with recessed finger pull and internal glass shelves.


Pedini has a b history of delivering and installing multi-unit projects, making us the ideal project development partner for large-scale residential plans.

In 2010 we doubled our production capabilities, which allows us to handle large projects on shorter timelines with less delivery delays. Our modern kitchen and bath designs are so versatile that we can tailor and produce all to perfectly fit your design concept.

Multi-unit projects can be longer and more complex than single-family renovations. For this reason and so many more we’ve fortified our processes to make sure you get your new Italian kitchen right when you need it.

We bring customization and personalization to every phase of your project. The benefit of working with Pedini is that we complement your project needs right from the start, tailoring our plan to meet your guidelines and vision.

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Modern European Kitchen Design NYC Portfolio | Modern Kitchens NYC Portfolio