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A Natural Choice.

When something operates effortlessly and continuously, we call that a well-functioning system.

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A Natural Choice

When something operates effortlessly and continuously, we call that a well-functioning system.

That’s the idea behind our System Collection, which incorporates environmentally-conscious materials and luxury kitchen design into the heart of your home. This model distinguishes itself by pairing technology with natural materials to create a fresh oasis with a relaxed personality.

Functionality that Makes Life Better

Whether you’re an elite chef or just the occasional cook, this design provides high-quality, ergonomic solutions that speak to every one of your senses. This model supports the ancient and universal joy of cooking in a unique and clever way.

Functionality flourishes in this efficient and practical project. The Pedini System Collection uses the latest advancements in kitchen design technology to create a comfortable room that complements the rest of your modern home.

A Thread to Tie Your Home Together

Light barriers allow this high-performance piece to blend smoothly with the rest of your space.

As with Pedini NYC kitchens, you don’t need to redesign your entire residence to create a cohesive look. The System Collection is a subtle addition to any existing home design.

Finally, something as simple and effective as you imagined it would be.


The Mechanics of Modern Design

Coupling technology with natural materials, the System Collection uses visible structures to support, organize, and contain your space.

Laminate wood, stone, and ceramic are just a few of the core materials used. With these resources we’ve built essential lines and generous dimensions for a refined and contemporary kitchen.

Easy, Everyday Upkeep

An extension of the rest of your home, the System Collection’s cabinets and countertops are designed to connect, interact, and flow with the rest of the house.

One of our most livable settings, the System Collection is celebrated for its easy maintenance, making it an exceptionally hygienic kitchen. This efficiency is complemented by ergonomic design that makes your home fun today and flexible for the future.

Room to Live, Learn, and Grow

We know how important it is to stay on the cutting-edge, and we’re proving that everyday with our commitment to your kitchen technology. Update your System Collection with the latest innovations thanks to our promise to top-notch functionality. As opportunities to upgrade become available, we’ll be there to build them into your home.

It’s the only way we know how to work. And it’s the only way we suggest you live.

See how clean you can keep your kitchen with a look into one System Collection family home.

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System Collection
System Collection



Color: Grey/White

Carcass for handle height: 70.4cm

Carcass with groove height: 73.4cm

  • 18 mm thick waterproof particle board (V100) with a low formaldehyde content of not more than 8mg/100g norma EN 120/95
  • Class E1, gauged wooden particle panels (UNI EN), coated in white and dark grey color cellulose-backed, scatch-proof material (UNI 9428/89 level 4).
  • The details are edged with 0.4 thick melamine edges, bonded with polyurethane glues.
  • The front side is edged with a dust-seal and sound-proof thermoplastic gasket. Backs are made of 4mm thick melamine-coated wooden fiber.


The standard groove is anodized aluminium (O chemical) but can also be ordered either lacquered to match the door color or veneered (stained elm).


R laminated door with ABS edges

Technical features of the laminated doors:

  • Panel in wooden fiber 20mm thick R finishing laminated covering with ABS edges 1.5mm on 4 sides
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German Kitchen Cabinets Design NYC | Italian Kitchens German Style